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Mini-load ASRS

Increase the amount of storage in limited areas With the AS / RS storage system

For small products

Storage of products using the most cost-effective space Mini-load is suitable for small products. Save horizontal space Expanding the area in a high line to be useful The structure of the Mini-load Allah system is light in weight. Which is durable, easy to install and low maintenance budget

Benefits of Mini-load ASRS system

- able to design the work position to be suitable within the design system that defines the distribution point or multiple channels
- Minimize learning time for work - Three working speed levels, can specify both horizontal and vertical speeds according to customer needs.
- The height can be created up to 10 feet (3 meters) to 50 feet (30 meters) or higher according to the needs of customers.
- Maintenance, check the area, create details, make our Mini-load ASRS system easy to install and easy to maintain.
- Small footprint, narrow, only 7 feet (2 meters), easy to install near a factory or warehouse
- Save space for storing multiple products together, with a computer system to help locate thousands of products.
- Create a safe system to store your products safely.