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Warehouse Solutions

Automated warehouses are efficient, fast, flexible and reliable. They allow for improved warehousing and goods distribution and optimum material flow. With automated storage systems, processes such as the storage, retrieval and relocation of goods proceed automatically.


The Benefit of a Warehouse : Causing the cost of the product to decrease : To prevent the lack of products to sell : Helps reduce problems that occur due to transportation. : Can produce in excess of seasonal demand : Help to use that product In time as needed : Meet the needs of consumers : Helping the production to proceed normally : Helping credit to industry or merchants with low capital : Help stabilize product prices : Helping to temporarily store goods that need to be exported abroad in the form of Re-export


Dispatch goods Delivery or payment of goods to the recipient or return to the depositor Or who have the right to return products for In case of public warehouse In the parcel management system, storage in the warehouse has a mean point. Finally, it is important to pay the parcel to the recipient in the condition that is ready for use in the delivery. Because all the retention processes that have been done for the delivery can be done effectively And user needs Failure to manage the package will not allow it to happen. Delivery to the user is not timely as required.


Belt Conveyor System is a conveyor system that is suitable for all types of industrial plants. Belt conveyor system is a conveyor that uses a belt to convey the material. The conveyor system serves to move the material from one point to another. After the material or workpiece comes through the process following the procedure When it comes to transporting or conveying, it uses the Belt Conveyor System to move materials or work pieces. Therefore, the conveyor system is suitable for All types of industrial plants Using conveyor systems in the production process